SpaceCraft: Keep It Simple Dummy!

BOwen | June 20, 2012

Wouldn’t it be like, totally awesome to make the game you want without leaving anything out? Every aspiring game designer has the next big idea that is full of every little idea that is the next best thing since sliced bread so of course the game has to be like, equally awesome right? [...]

SpaceCraft: StarGen 0.1a

BOwen | April 26, 2012

It doesn’t look like much but finally I have something to show. I suppose a more experienced programmer would have a good chuckle at this relatively simple device but we all have to start somewhere don’t we? Everyone starts off as a “newbie” so let us bask in the glow of our “minor” [...]

On Writing Design Docs for Games

BOwen | October 29, 2009

Everyone has their own way of doing things.  Writing design documentation is no exception.  It’s one of those tasks where it can be said “there is no right or wrong way to do it”.  It’s simply a matter of style.  This is somewhat of a fallacy in that there are things you should avoid and [...]

Playing Your Conscience

BOwen | October 11, 2008

You’re running down a road towards a small village.  Along the way you run into a group of bandits who are about to sack the village.  You look like you’re handy with a sword and there’s plenty of loot to go around so they offer to let you join them.  Do you join the bandits? [...]

God told Solomon…

BOwen | September 25, 2008

With a mother who worked at a private foundation reviewing and helping to approve of grants to non-profits, I grew up hearing the stories. Christian groups and organizations who relied on volunteers. Non-profits who didn’t conduct their affairs professionally. Groups who seemed to want to do everything as cheaply as humanly possible.
I remember the frustration [...]