SpaceCraft Dev. Begins

Posted By BOwen on March 31, 2012

Well it’s been a few months and life happened. Without going into too much detail I ended up moving to a new place, upgraded my OS to Win7, reinstalled everything, met the neighbors, fed the cats and the usual assortment of other things that somehow managed to take up several months of my time. Then again, playing Skyrim and Pharoah didn’t help with the delays but trust me, there were legitimate life reasons.. like getting my new OS taking longer than expected, the afore mentioned move etc.

I’m finally squared away and life is stablizing somewhat so I am now (finally) ready to begin development in earnest. I expect the first steps will take awhile as I’ve a lot to learn. Thankfully I’m a fast learner and most of it is just familiarizing myself with the C++ and Torque environments as well as the project files. I am already somewhat familiar with code, textures, 3D modeling & animation etc so I’m not too worried.

My main concerns for SpaceCraft lately are travel times and proper scale for planetary exploration as that will largely determine my approach for randomly generating a planet’s surface. Just how much should be explorable? How large should that explorable space be? Can you land your ship anywhere or only in predesignated locations and so on.

The immediate tasks at hand however (aside from learning new things), is building the initial environment for the tutorial level and random generation of the playable universe. I don’t expect much difficulting in simply generating the data but as I’m not yet very familiar with my game engine it will be an interesting task converting that data into a viable in-game map.

So on the coding side I need to review the main game loop and begin adding tools and options for universe detection and creation. I also need to consider detection and loading for game content. This specifically to allow for ease of modding. Having a highly moddable game is important for me. I really want players to be able customize the game any way they want.

For 3D models I need to begin building the tutorial level. Textures and PC model can use Torque defaults for now until I have a playable alpha of the game.

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