On The Fly Real Time Combat Animation

The is a system designed to animate characters in real time during combat.  That is to say it will not rely solely on pre-animated routines.  Instead the animation is generated ‘on the fly’.

The basic concept is fairly simple.  The upper and lower body of the characters are animated separately.  The lower body has a limited number of steps it can perform to move the character during each ’round’ of combat.  The upper body animation follows the actions of the weapon(s) which is animated along a path for a specific attack or defense. 

Then using a set of rules to govern which actions are available to the character at the beginning of each phase of combat, the animation can flow smoothly from one action to the next without the need of the character to ever return to its original position as is necessary for pre-animated sequences.

Programmers Design Draft

Random Interactive Events Generator

The primary goal of the events generator (for lack of a better description) is to produce events that have a ripple effect throughout a game’s universe.  Each event has the capacity to spawn new events and “secondary” events.  Each event has the possibility of changing conditions in the game universe which can affect the likelihood and parameters of future events.

Basic working draft

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